Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the PSPHP?

PSPHP stands for the Philippine Society of Public Health Physicians. It is a society of physicians and public health professionals dedicated to guide community, local government, agency, health organization, medical office or program in pursuit of group, community, and societal health goals. In the spirit of camaraderie and professional support, the Society shall encourage entry and strive to uplift the practice of all public health physicians towards credibility, quality, and relevance. The Society shall also form a strong link with clinical and individual-based medical specialties to the interest of populations and communities based on evidence, sustainability, and the Philippine context.

Who are eligible to join?

All public health professionals are encouraged to join. PSPHP membership is categorized into the following based on qualifications and experience in public health: Full Member, Honorary Member, Associate Member, Affiliate Member, Student Member, and Lifetime Member.

Why should I join?

PSPHP offers limitless opportunities for its members as a large network of public health professionals, with its members coming from the government, private, and civil society organizations. Research grant opportunities, human resources for health, health policymaking, and public health scholarship opportunities are just some of the benefits offered within the Society. With the changing public health landscape in the Philippines, PSPHP members are given opportunities to take the lead towards a better health care system.

What activities am I expected to attend?

PSPHP holds annual general assemblies to report to the members the accomplishments during the previous year as well as the plans for the upcoming year. The national convention likewise is held annually to serve as an avenue for professional networking and evidence generation. Continuing Professional Development Programs are held regularly to further train members in the realm of public health. Members are expected to attend these activities as part of their responsibilities.

How do I join?

Interested applicants may fill-up the registration form and wait for approval of your application via email. Once application has been approved, pay the corresponding membership fee according to your membership category and email the transaction slip or proof of payment to psphpofficial@gmail.com for official documentation.