We are the Philippine Society of Public Health Physicians (PSPHP)

We are a Society of physicians and professionals dedicated to guiding the community, local government, agency, health organization, medical office or program in pursuit of group, community, and societal health goals. In the spirit of camaraderie and professional support, the Society shall encourage entry and strive to uplift the practice of all public health physicians towards credibility and quality. The Society shall also form a strong link with clinical and individual-based medical specialties to the interest of populations and communities based on evidence, sustainability, and the Philippine context.

A network of public health physicians and professionals, members of PSPHP are given the opportunity to become part of an extensive Philippine and global network of professionals in the same field of expertise. Members shall have access to information and referrals to possible conferences and paper presentations, in addition to funding and career opportunities. PSPHP members are engaged in a wide scope of work, from communities to hospitals, to government agencies, academe, research firms, NGOs, private sector, and international organizations. The broad spectrum of the field brought by the differences in expertise by the members shows how vast the opportunities are for the members of the Society.

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PSPHP is open to physicians and even non-physicians working or interested in public health.
A member of World Federation of Public Health Associations