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PSPHP is a society of physicians and public health professionals dedicated to guide communities, local government, health organizations, private sector, national agencies, and international institutions in pursuit of improvement of community- or population-level health outcomes. In the spirit of camaraderie and professional support, PSPHP encourages entry to the field of public health, and strive to uplift its practice towards credibility, quality, and relevance. PSPHP also forms a strong link with clinical medical professional societies and other stakeholders to the interest of Filipino people based on evidence, sustainability, and Philippine context.

Why should I join PSPHP?

PSPHP offers limitless opportunities for its members as they become part of a large network of public health professionals, with its members coming from government, private sector, technical assistance providers, and civil society organizations. Policy updates, professional capacity building, research and advocacy grant opportunities, and participation to policymaking and guidelines development are just some of the benefits offered within the organization. With the changing public health landscape in the Philippines, PSPHP members are given opportunities to take lead towards a better health care system.

Membership Categories

Full Member

  • Doctor of Medicine graduate in the Philippines, or an equivalent degree abroad
  • Licensed physician by the Philippine Professional Regulations Commission
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in the field of public health
  • Any of the following: (1) Master in Public Health degree or a related or equivalent degree as determined by the PSPHP Board, (2) at least 3 peer-reviewed publications in public health, or (3) minimum number of continuing professional development units related to public health that will be offered by the society and as determined by the Board.

Associate Member

  • Doctor of Medicine graduate in the Philippines, or an equivalent degree abroad
  • Licensed physician by the Philippine Professional Regulations Commission
  • On track towards fulfilling other criteria for full membership
  • With commitment to aim for full membership.

Affiliate Member

  • A graduate of a recognized degree in the Philippines of abroad
  • Non-physicians but working or interested in the field of public health

Student Member

  • Doctor of Medicine student currently enrolled in medical school in the Philippines or abroad

Honorary Member

  • Doctor of Medicine graduate in the Philippines, or an equivalent degree abroad
  • Licensed physician by the Philippine Professional Regulations Commission
  • With significant contribution to public health in the Philippines, or to PSPHP
  • Invited by PSPHP, as approved by the Board through a resolution
  • Has accepted the invitation of PSPHP
  • May or may not meet the eligibility requirements for full membership

Lifetime Member

  • Full member of the society for at least a cumulative of 10 years
  • Has paid the corresponding lifetime membership fee

Some of PSPHP Membership Benefits

  1. Ability to participate and represent public health professionals in different forums and discussions
    PSPHP is frequently invited to provide public health perspectives in different policy agenda setting, clinical practice guidelines development, and public health events.
  2. Member-exclusive PSPHP Facebook group
    Opportunities and updates are regularly disseminated in PSPHP's official Facebook group.
  3. Discounts to PSPHP events
    Members are provided with discounts in the PSPHP's Annual Public Health Convention and other events.
  4. Opportunity to contribute to PSPHP's advocacies and activities
    PSPHP has a number of committees in which members are encouraged to join. These are the Technical and Policy, Membership, Professional Development, Specialty Development, Finance, Resource Generation, Internal Policy, External Communication, and Secretariat. PSPHP also nurtures different informal technical working groups.
  5. Member-exclusive PSPHP events
    PSPHP organizes CPD-accredited webinars and small-scale events to provide its members with updates on latest policy developments, research, and global and local movements.
  6. Access to public health-related events
    PSPHP extends to its members the invites it receives to attend different events, allowing members to explore their fields of interests and to network with likeminded professionals.
  7. 20% discount to courses offered by eCornell
    eCornell is the online executive education arm of Cornell University.
  8. An organizational platform for member's project
    PSPHP can act as the platform for public health-related grants received by its members, providing administrative and project management support.

Join PSPHP now and expand your public health community.